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So I made the mistake of buying a special hot cocoa from Starbucks for Mr. I…. yeah…. that was a bad idea…..

He drank a little bit and then the rest was on the ground a few minutes later. Guess our grass needed a little chocolate.

Miss K only has a week left of kindergarten. Sniff sniff. She’ll have the whole summer here at home to get bored. Ha ha.

I seriously don’t know what to do with that girl. She’s so stinking smart. She’s already reading chapter books at a third and fourth grade level. Don’t worry, she didn’t get it from me. She’s lucky her daddy’s super smart.

I got a new lens and was practicing out in the yard. She’s such a good little model. Maybe a little TOO good….

it\'s tough being a modelMiss kthis is the look she gives right before busting into laughtermiss k smilingmiss K with a flower in her hair