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My baby girl had her first ballet recital a few weeks back. She’s quite the little ballerina already. She has lessons in Longview, WA at Evergreen Ballet studio. They are extremely good and in a short year she learned quite a bit. They had a photographer come to do their pictures, but being the photographer mommy I am, I had to do my own. I also took some snaps of her while they had their dress rehearsal. They performed Alice in Wonderland. Shortly after the show, Miss K took it upon herself to read the entire chapter book of Alice in Wonderland. I am constantly amazed at how well that little girl reads. She takes after her extremely smart daddy. He was reading really well at a young age.

Here’s the “formal” pics I took…

Miss K in her tutumiss K in her tutumiss k in her tutu

So I borrowed Miss K’s flowers for a little photo op yesterday. She got these for her kindergarten graduation (no, I surprised myself and didn’t cry like I thought I would). I love to play around with different styles of photography every once in awhile. These were inspired by a friend of mine on flickr. She took pics of flowers in front of different every day objects but made it look like it was all staged and set up. It was really cool!!

Here’s my attempt at flower pics done in my kitchen….

This one was done in front of a polka dotted birthday bag.

Picture of a pink daisy

This one was done in front of a blue bin I keep all of my household cleaning supplies in..

yellow daisy on blue

This one was done in front of a white paper towel (hehe creative, huh!)

pink and blue daisies

This last one is just Miss K holding the flower in front of the window…

miss k holding a flower

I got to photograph this beautiful family at Lake Sacajawea in Longview this last Tuesday. The Lake is absolutely gorgeous this time of year. We spent most of our time in the Asian Gardens. It’s breathtaking to visit and a perfect backdrop for photographs. I’m so lucky that this wonderful spot is practically in my back yard.

Thank goodness the weather held up for us. Just as we were about to leave it started raining. I’ve heard some people call this “june-uary.” It sure doesn’t feel like summer lately. Hopefully it starts getting warmer.

It’s not every day that I get the chance to work with such nice, wonderful people. They were so much fun!

Here’s a preview for them….


So when you are named Lemmons, you do crazy things like collect lemon things and decorate your kitchen with lemons. You also take it so far as to dress your children in crazy lemon clothes and make them wear funny hats. We Lemmons are strange bunch of folks. I just went to a wedding in Kelso for a fellow Lemmons family clan. Guess what their theme was…

yup, you guessed it, LEMONS!!! They had lemon slices in the vases, lemonheads as favors, the main wedding color was yellow.

So here’s my weekly contribution to the lemon craze….

My poor innocent son in his lemon hat.

Happy Saturday everyone!!

Baby D in his lemon hat

Here’s a sneak peak of mr. T for his mom!! He’s such a handsome little guy….