This last Saturday, June 21 2008, I photographed the wedding for the Dunlaps in Longview at the brand new First Baptist Church. My Sister-in-law Natalie Schneibel also photographed with me. She and I do weddings and events together. She is a very experienced and skilled photographer. We’ve been working together for the last year.

This was the very first wedding that took place in the church so it was a very special day for many reasons. I used to attend Longview First Baptist when I was in Junior High and High School. Seeing Pastor Kevin White brought back so many memories. It’s so nice to see them grow as a church family. Even though I now attend Grace Bible Fellowship in Kelso, I still miss a lot of the folks I used to go to church with there. Jennilee and Aaron have decided to make Longview First Baptist their home church.

I’ve been friends with Jennilee since we were little kids so it was natural for Jennilee to pick Lemon Drops Photography as her wedding photographer. We played softball together for years. I remember having slumber parties with the team. Two of my other good friends were bridesmaids. I felt like I was at a reunion. I think I had as much fun as they did, if not more.

The Kelso senior high school classmates now reside in longview with their two dogs. I personally am hoping they decide to expand their family soon with kids, but that’s purely for selfish reasons. I can’t wait until we get baby Dunlaps!!!

They are such a wonderful couple. I was honored to photograph their special day.

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So congratulate the happy couple!

  • Lindsay

    Again beautiful pictures!! Congrats to the happy couple!!

  • Keenan

    Dunny! Looks like they make a happy couple….
    I love the greens…. excellent color choice

  • BriAnne Coates

    AGAIN…..great job Jenica ( & Nat)! I love the close up of her….she looks SO pretty! Fun railroad idea too!

  • Krissie

    Beautiful photos, Great job Jenica!

  • GwenCooley

    They’re so beautiful! I am so glad that we were all apart of their special day.

  • KelsoWA

    Again, I love how you catch the local spirit of our area with your pictures. Congratulations to the couple.

  • Tracey Zacher

    Jen, I love your artistic ability…..great photo’s! Tracey

  • Kim

    Congratulations to Aaron & Jennilee! I hope their life together is even more wonderful than the pictures.

  • julia

    they look fabulous! i also am loving the closeup that bri is talking about. congrats to the newlyweds!

  • Kaila

    Awesome. These pictures are so them! You do such a great job. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  • Becky Fromm

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! I love it!! How fun with the different greens!!!!!!! You guys look fab of course! CONGRATS!!!!

  • amy!

    Love the first pic on the railroad with the shoes! Nice pic Jenilee you hottie! They all cute you both looked so great. Good job on the pictures:-)

  • Sarah

    I love the train tracks beautiful pictures and oh yea the bride and groom look good too!

  • The Mother

    The black and white picture with the pastor, “Uncle Moose”, is priceless….he had just told Jennilee to repeat after me as she gave him Aaron’s wedding ring. Just then he said “Boy is that a big ring!” Jennilee repeated on purpose to get him with more exaggeration “BOY! Is that a BIG ring!” Great to have captured it on film! Love all the pictures! Can hardly wait to see them all!

  • Shanell

    Very nice pictures! The green shoes really show up well with the white dress-love it! Congratulations 🙂

  • The Bride

    LOVE em, especially the ones where you made me look thin, thanks!!! I had a great time, and you captured the moments perfectly. The major blister was totally worth it, thanks a ton ladies!!!

  • Tiffany- The Mother's Friend

    Beautiful wedding pictures! It looks like you guys had a great day! Congrats!!!

  • Bethany

    Wow Jenica you are getting to become quite a photographer. And by the way the bride LOVE the dress and the green shoes. I real have never seen that as a wedding ensemble. CUTE

  • Pat - The Mother's Friend

    Loved the first picture of the Bride standing on the railroad tracks. Perfect pose for the picture. Also liked the GREEN shoes. They made the picture.




  • Natalie Emery

    Wow. Great job Jenica. The shots you took are amazing! Jen and Aaron are such special people, and I’m glad you captured that! So happy we were all there to share the day with them. Jelly, you and your man look fantastic!

  • Bill Cooley

    Jenica, your pictures were magnificent! Aaron and Jennilee’s photo shoot on the railroad tracks was awesome, good job kid!
    When Gwen gets married we would be honored to have you has our photographer. Beautiful picture of you and your baby – Bill

  • Wanda Harbison

    Jenica these are wonderful! Those green shoes are awesome!

  • Crystal

    Your pictures were beautiful!!!! Wow!! You and Aaron look great, and love the green shoes!!!

  • Felicia

    What beautiful pics of a gorgeous couple! Jennilee, I LOVE THE GREEN SHOES! You look stunning and SO HAPPY! Congratulations, Fle

  • I love the green shoes and the railroad tracks. You two make a fantastic couple and the photographer did an awesome job. These are all great pictures.

  • Melanie

    Congrats to Jennilee & Aaron! What a beautiful wedding!One of my favorites is the two of them in front of the church with the steeple behind at an angle. Jenica, I have not seen a picture that I haven’t loved yet!! You are fantastic!! I can’t wait to see the pics of Bri’s family that you are taking today!

  • July 17th,2008 at 8:31 Great pics! What a handsome couple!! It was fun to see Aaron, as a handsome groom. We remember him when he was a young lad!! Jim and Clarice Hamer

  • Abby Coble

    WOW gorgeous photos! I love the green shoes w/ the wedding dress so unique!