So I caught Miss K jumping on the bed last night (big no no, her little brother always copies and gets hurt).

Since it’s been so hot out we put a fan up in her room. So… she was jumping and singing into the fan. Course being the mommy photographer that I am I had to grab my camera.

She had her hair blowing and was playing supermodel. After I uploaded these I was convinced that it was time for a shotgun for all those boys that would be knocking my door when she gets older.

I know I’m a biased mother and have always thought my kids are beautiful, but this just scares me….

  • Um, yes, it would scare me too. She’s gorgeous. I love that you chose to take pictures instead of making her stop jumping. 😉

  • Amanda Eubank

    My Hubby already wants to buy one and our daughter is only 17 months old. Your daughter is GORGEOUS!!!! Similar to mine…Brown Wavy Hair and Puppy Dog Brown Eyes. Great job on grabing the camera!!!!!

  • these are gorgeous jenica!!! she’s gorgeous!!!